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The surprising benefits of paperless Printer? Who needs a printer? Top. Twitter · Facebook · Tumblr · Instagram · LinkedIn · YouTube. Resources. About Us. Explore every issue of Maclean's published in s. The Complete Maclean's ArchiveCanada's national current affairs magazine. Browse All Issues. Canadians who took part in a unique Maclean's experiment from June 7 to The magazine had formed the group by choosing its members from so-.

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From Canada's national magazine comes Canada's national magazine app — all the Canadian, international, business and cultural news and analysis that. Download Maclean's - May magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link. Download Maclean's - April magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link.

Paul Joosse Interview it had gone off track. And our dependence munities. I expect that rather than one of his on fossil fuels is a large part of that. Wiebo Ludwig is going out being dependent on the oil industry. Trickle Creek. A lot of most people would lump in with cult people call him a terrorist. Wiebo ludwig juana. But the marijuana goes toward Ludwig, at one point. And I do know people happened. And in no can stay and submit to those punishments, but they can also leave—people have left in Hythe who do not like him at all. I think the death of Karman Willis is an indelible stain. Q: What about the intermarriage at Trickle Creek—how has that shaped the group? You He never admitted to being involved in it or knowing anything about it, but his leg- acy is tied to that event. So I just refrained from asking those questions. But they did A: It was a big meal in the dining room.

In Newman brought in columnist Allan Fotheringham.

‎Maclean’s Magazine on the App Store

Fotheringham made famous The Back Page, where he wrote for 27 years. Readers would go to read the Back Page first and then proceed to read the magazine from back to front. Under Newman, the magazine switched from being a monthly general interest publication to a bi-weekly news magazine in , and to a weekly newsmagazine three years later.

The magazine opened news bureaus across the country and international bureaus in London, England, and Washington, D. Doyle, a former reporter for The Canadian Press in Ottawa and a New York-based writer for Newsweek, expanded coverage of news and opened a Moscow bureau. On his watch the magazine published the first of yearly annual polls by Allan Gregg on the Canadian condition and the controversial university ranking issue, which became an annual mini-franchise for the magazine.

At its peak, the magazine had 2. Under Doyle, Lewis was responsible for the launch of the first university ranking issue. While he was editor, writer Ann Dowsett Johnston won several National Magazine Awards NMA for the annual university issue [11] and the magazine received an honourable mention in the Michener Awards for investigative reporting on sexual harassment and rape in the Canadian military. He left the post at the end of February and was replaced by Kenneth Whyte , who also serves as the magazine's publisher.

The magazine has been owned by the Rogers Communications conglomerate since Rogers acquired Maclean-Hunter , the former publisher, in He also added a comedy feature by former Liberal Party strategist Scott Feschuk, and a column by Andrew Potter , who previously wrote for left-leaning periodicals. The magazine has fifteen editions in Canada. Joseph Communications. Human Rights Tribunal dismissed the allegations of "hate speech" made by the Canadian Islamic Congress.

His letter demands that Maclean's apologize for publishing 'a simplistic and offensive thesis that Quebecers are genetically incapable of acting with integrity'.

But that does not mean we are required to suspend all judgment in the face of a preponderance of evidence—scandal after scandal at every level of government in the province, all of them involving not just one or two bad actors but systemic corruption. The French-language La Presse , the province's leading broadsheet, wrote that "[Maclean's] claim that Quebec has a higher number of scandals is 'undeniable'.

It didn't come close to making its case. On September 30, , referring to the controversy, Brian Segal , the president of Rogers Publishing , apologized for "any offence that the cover may have caused", saying the province "is an important market for the company and we look forward to participating in the dynamic growth of the province and its citizens". It is also known as Maclean's University Guide. It includes information from the Maclean's University Rankings, an issue of the magazine proper that is published annually in November, primarily for students in their last year of high school and entering their first year in Canadian universities.

Both the Guide and the rankings issue feature articles discussing Canadian universities and ranking them by order of quality. Alex felt she knew better, however, and could never shake the idea that Vivi had already set her sights on the man she wanted.

Vivi, ever mysterious, refused to respond to any prodding or cajoling for more information on the subject, leaving her friends with a simple: "Everybody has a One.

Magazines, Travel and Middlebrow Culture in Canada 1925-1960

We just aren't all willing to wait for Him. I'm more than willing to wait. Decades even! Ella chimed in with, "Centuries! What would possess you to come down here and lie about in it as if it were your nightgown and this your bedchamber?

Leaving aside your unladylike behavior for the moment It is a ball gown The duchess was not in the mood to hear her daughter's feeble explanations. March up to your chamber, apologize to Eliza for her having to bother with you at this hour of the day, and Remove. Vivi could have been searching for treasure in her tiny reticule for the amount of attention she was giving to the contents of the bag, likely a handkerchief, some lip rouge, and a traveling comb.

Neither girl wanted to be the next recipient of the duchess's wrath. She thought better of it. It closed. I rely on the two of you to keep Alex from losing hold of all of her decorum. I do not expect to be disappointed by you. Vivi spoke this time. Vivi knew the storm had passed.

The duchess smiled.

The surprising benefits of paperless grading

The Empire gown she wore was a lovely shade of pale blue, falling to her matching slippers. It was comfortable and fashionable -- another one of her new gowns, designed to make her seem more adult and less ungainly.

Of course And they were outnumbered. Alex's brothers had arrived. Towering well over six feet -- all broad shoulders and long legs -- the boys never failed to dwarf even this larger-thanaverage room.

With satin-covered chairs and dainty chaises, the room was designed in the most fashionable of ways; which, of course, meant it was designed for a more foppish and less Not that the men in question seemed 28 to care. They were sprawled out, long legs extended, leaning back on the petite furniture with no notice of its size -- or their own.

For generations, the Stafford men had been known throughout the ton for their appearance -- the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. Alex's father was a mere six feet tall, and was teased relentlessly by his brothers and cousins as "the diminutive duke. The sons in question -- William, twenty- three, Nicholas, twenty-one, and Christopher, nineteen -- shared other familial qualities with their father, however: They were devilishly handsome, with the dark-as-midnight hair, strong jaws, regal noses, and full lips that had made the Staffords legendary since the early days of the kingdom.

But it wasn't their good looks that stopped women in their tracks. It was the famous Stafford eyes. For as long as anyone could remember, Stafford men had been blessed with eyes the color of clearest emeralds.

One could get lost in those eyes -- they were windows on emotion, glittering with humor, flashing with anger, fiery with passion. These were eyes that wreaked havoc on the women around them -- unless the woman in question was a sister.

In which case, they served to simply exasperate. Talk of the Devil. An admirable trait, to be sure. She manages her expectations of you -- a trio of mediocrity. Aren't you three, as gentlemen, supposed to stand when a lady enters?

Christopher shot his sister a questioning glance. Of 30 course I'm not sure you'd survive the corset. As Gavin bowed over the backs of their hands, Vivi was the first to speak. Her "Good afternoon, my lord Blackmoor" surprised Alex. I forget that I'm the earl myself most 31 of the time.

I cannot seem to get comfortable with the idea that I carry the title now. Besides, I don't see how it would change much. Nick has been an earl your whole life and that doesn't seem to change the way you treat him. Nick, as always, was quick to chime in. You lot have never respected my title," he said, puffing out his chest in a false air of pompousness.

He added a thickly arrogant tenor to his blustering. I've been the Earl of Farrow since before you were born and it doesn't earn me an ounce of esteem! Gavin moved to sit by Alex's brothers, throwing himself into their conversation about a horse auction they planned to attend the next week.

Alex rejoined Vivi and Ella, who resumed their discussion about a novel that the three girls had recently read, Mansfield Park, but she couldn't shake the odd feeling she'd had during the scene that had just unfolded.

She hadn't missed the fact that, even when Nick was making light of his own title, he'd casually referred to Gavin as Blackmoor -- the name that was now rightfully his, along with the earldom and all its privileges -- as though it were the most natural thing in the world.

But when she'd seen him in the doorway, Alex hadn't even registered that Gavin was any different, that anything had changed. With one ear on the girls' discussion, Alex stole a glance at the object of her thoughts. Proximity and age had made Gavin a natural companion of the Stafford sons. The four had climbed trees together, been schooled together, and wreaked general havoc together. For all the afternoon teas, suppers, and dinners that Gavin had been a part of, Alex thought of him as a fourth brother, equal parts exasperating older sibling and wonderful protector.

When, at the age of seven, she had climbed a tree in the back garden trying to emulate her brothers and become stuck in its branches, it was thirteen-year-old Gavin who had come to rescue her -- talking her down to a low branch and convincing her to let go and trust him to catch her when she fell.

Of course, once it was over, Gavin went back to teasing her; he had never let her forget that she "climbs trees like a girl. She had seen him last in January, three months ago, at the funeral of his father, the late earl. The earl had died tragically from a fall from his horse on a rocky cliffside path on the Blackmoor estate in Essex. The entire ton had mourned the loss of Gavin's father -- a wonderful, intelligent man who had been liked and admired by all. Alex could remember watching Gavin at the funeral as he 33 stood with sadness in his eyes, strong and silent next to his devastated mother.

She had wanted to go to him, to speak to him, but in the crush following the funeral and in the days thereafter, she'd been unable to find a moment to tell him how sorry she was for his loss -- not that those words would have held much comfort for a son who had lost his father so unexpectedly.

Now, as she watched him speak with her brothers, she noted his thinner, more serious face, the deeper set of his tired eyes. She was happy he was out of official mourning, that he had joined them in London for the season, and that he seemed to be surviving the shift from unburdened heir to earl, complete with all the responsibilities that came with the title.

Yet she couldn't help but wonder just how much of a toll the last few months had taken. As though he sensed her thoughts, Gavin turned and met her gaze. Several seconds passed and he winked, as if to assure her that her worries were unnecessary.

One side of his mouth raised in a lopsided smile, he turned back to her brothers, and Alex refocused on Ella and Vivi's conversation, pushing her questions to the back of her mind for the time being, and promising herself she'd find a moment alone with him later. I've never read Pride and Prejudice's equal," said Ella, passionately.

What's most tragic about this book is that, even now, after publishing three wonderful books -- each one easily as brilliant as anything written by a man -- the author cannot reveal her true identity for fear of repercussions!

It's inexcusable that, as a society, we would show such a devastating lack of progress. But it cannot go on forever," Vivi pointed out. It's Scamp's coming-out at Almack's. Mother will have our heads if we're not there. And trust me -- I don't find the thought of an evening at Almack's any more entertaining than you do. They spend the majority of their early years envisioning exactly what their first evening there will be like. They go all starry-eyed about the ruddy place, imagining just who will be the first man to steal their hearts.

Gavin leaned back in his chair and studied the trio of girls, taking note of Alex's rising temper. I'm guessing this lot is much more interested in who will be the first man to have his heart stolen -- they don't seem the wallflower type. You really don't consider the possibility that there's anything more to us, do you?

You're never going to be forced into dancing with some namby-pamby so your mothers can feel better about your marriage prospects. I promise you, Alex, as difficult as she can be with you, she's just as impossible with us. The duchess wants a wedding Last season our mothers aligned against me -- I thought for sure I was done for. I danced scores of quadrilles with any number of desperate young ladies before I realized it would be smart for me to beg off attending balls altogether.

She's not the most graceful of ladies. Mind your toes, chap.

With a chuckle, Will interjected, "Ah, well, as brothers, we can rest easy from the fate of Alex's clumsiness. We'll never have to dance with her again. Wednesday evening, she shall be loosed upon the men of London. I'm sure someone in the mix won't mind partnering her. Lord save your future wives. As the conversation went on, Alex noticed that Gavin became more and more quiet, retreating into himself.

She was not surprised when he stood to excuse himself and leave the house. No one took notice of the fact that she followed him out of the room. In the wide hallway of Worthington House, Alex placed a hand on her friend's arm. Gaining his attention, she asked quietly, "Are you well, my lord? Meeting her clear emerald gaze, the corner of his mouth lifted in a half smile.

He reached out and tapped her chin with his finger -- a brotherly gesture he'd been performing for most of her life -- and said wryly, "No need to walk on eggshells, Minx.

I'm fine. I'm eager for the fireworks to begin.

She shook her head as though rejecting the whole idea of a season and turned a sympathetic look on Gavin. I am here I hope you know that. His next words came out in a manner that brooked no rebuttal. Thank you for your offer, but I assure you that there's no need for it.

Now, if you don't mind I have an important meeting for which I really shouldn't be late. And Alexandra Stafford did not like being dismissed. To an unsuspecting onlooker, the paper held carelessly in his hand would appear forgotten and unimportant. The exact opposite was true. Young Blackmoor is out of mourning. Find out what he knows. His mind was swirling with possibilities, turning over the various next steps that lay before him.

While the young earl had been prepared for his new station since birth, it was guaranteed that he hadn't expected to assume it so abruptly or so early in life. The odds that he'd been apprised of any information by his father were slim, but even slim odds left too much of a possibility for discovery. He could not risk discovery. As it was, the death of the elder earl had set his French associates on edge.

They had been very angry about his actions, and he'd had to work tirelessly to prove that he was a worthwhile partner. It continued to cost him dearly as he struggled to regain their trust. His first thought was to do away with the new earl altogether, but he recognized that this would bring investigation and suspicion down upon them all, especially if there was information hidden somewhere in Blackmoor House.

The dead earl had been loathsome but never stupid. Whatever he had known, he would have documented. If that documentation were found, they would all be in danger.

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To date, he had told his partners that he did not believe them in danger of discovery, but they were beginning to doubt him.

He could see it in their eyes, hear it in their voices. He had to tread lightly. Link to PDF 21mb Note: Right-click on the PDF to download it and view it this way. Casson, Arthur Lismer, and J. It was also the one that provided the most in-depth analysis on news and events most important to Canadians. As a result, the magazine presents an intriguing blend of cultural prestige and consumerism. Originally a monthly, titled The Business Magazine, and published by an advertising agency, the periodical was bought by Maclean in Previously, the focus had been on re-prints of articles from other business journals, but by Maclean had begun to include original, commissioned features.

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